Daokrajai Green Teas

Long before tea was discovered by western explorers to the Far East, Green tea had been enjoyed by the Chinese as a refreshment and for medicinal purposes.

We are pleased to be able to bring you our Green teas from Northern Thailand, in which we are confident you will find equal pleasure.

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Our Flagship Green Tea. Nothing added nor taken away.

The best leaves of the bush harvested by skilled pickers, and then processed by knowledgeable hands, an absolute delight.

Enjoy the exquisite taste, and immerse yourself in the aroma.

This is the finest Thailand Green Tea. No more words are necessary; let your taste buds decide.

Larger leaf varietal with a mild flavour. Surprisingly does not get bitter with time.”

Guy Paranavitana
Empire Tea Services LLC

Daokrajai Green Tea Suwirun
Premier Thai Green Tea with Peppermint.

Peppermint has been a favourite of people for centuries, with it’s clean taste and zing.

It is used as an aid to digestion, and is therefore drunk after meals to ward off any tummy troubles.

The Peppermint, added to a base of our Premier Thai Green Tea provides a light and refreshing beverage, which cheers whenever it is taken.

The peppermint wakes the senses, and is also the healthy way to start the day.

Our Green tea with peppermint contains 15% peppermint.

Nice Tea with good balance.

Guy Paranavitana
Empire Tea Services LLC

Daokrajai Green Tea Peppermint
Probably the best known of the scented teas, it has been a favourite in China for over 1,000 years where it is traditionally served to welcome guests.

The Jasmine flowers are harvested in the early morning while they are tightly closed.

In the evening when they start to open, they are blended with Green Tea, which then absorbs their scent.

This process is repeated 3-4 times, when the tea is fired again to remove any excess moisture that has been absorbed from the flowers.

The resulting beverage is a beautiful golden-honey colour, with a refreshing taste and pleasing aroma.

What a lovely way to welcome someone into your home!

Daokrajai Jasmine Green Tea
The leaves of the Moringa Oleifera Lam are combined with our Green Tea to produce the most astonishingly nutritious drink imaginable.

If you can envisage a drink with a wonderful taste which comes with so many health benefits then you are thinking of Moringa Green Tea.

The exceptionally high nutritional value of Moringa makes it one of the world’s most highly prized Herbal teas.

It is a very effective source of antioxidants and is also an excellent natural energy booster with very low levels of caffeine.

Moringa contains more than 90 nutrients and provides more Vitamin A and C, calcium, potassium and iron than the most popular fruits, vegetables and milk.

Our Moringa Tea is prepared from the dried leaves of the Moringa Oleifera which is considered to be the most nutritious plant on earth.

Our splendid Green Teas bring you both exquisite taste and healthy refreshment!

Daokrajai Green Tea Moringa
Green Tea, or not Green Tea, for that is the question.

Can a Green Tea be an Oolong or not? Well, yes it can.

Green Tea essentially describes a level of oxidisation, while Oolong can be said to describe a processing method.

This tea undergoes the Oolong process but with much lower than usual oxidisation of typical Oolongs.

Gentle on the palate with subtle fruit aroma. Relaxing and satisfying.

Lacks the astringency of Green tea. Tastes more like an Oolong.

Guy Paranavitana
Empire Tea Services LLC

Daokrajai Green Tea Oolong

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