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The beauty of all tea lies in the Queen of teas, the Oolong. Daokrajai Oolong Teas bring you an exquisite beauty in taste and aroma and one, when experienced, you will wish to experience again and again.

Try, taste, and be captivated, Daokrajai Finest Oolong teas.

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Taiwan has probably engaged in more research into tea than any other country.

Through cross breeding of different cultivars it has produced a number of distinct tea types, and Chin Shin is quite possibly the most well known and popular.

Otherwise known as Oolong number 17, or TTS number 17, it produces a honey golden liquor and is a full-bodied tea with a woody and nutty flavor that has a slightly sweet aftertaste.

The little extra time it takes to brew this tea is well worth it, and will not disappoint.

If you are unsure as to which Oolong to try for a first time, this is the one that we would recommend.

Daokrajai Oolong Tea Chin Shin
This tea variety was developed in the 1980’s from the Thea Kuan Imm strain and so is referred to as a new variety.

It is a slowly growing, high mountain tea which is harvested continuously throughout the year.

Four Seasons tea has a clean and pleasant taste, being fruity and mildly sweet, reminiscent of figs.

It has a lovely fragrance with a charming floral quality, and produces a golden-yellow beverage when infused.
Our Four Seasons tea is the perfect tea for everyday drinking.

Very nice flavour, very similar to a high quality Ti Kwan Yin from China.
Nice floral aroma and cup colour.

Guy Paranavitana
Empire Tea Services LLC

Daokrajai Oolong Tea Four Seasons
Dong Ding tea originated in the Wuyi Mountains of China, and means ‘Frozen Summit’.

Plants were taken to Taiwan and then onward to Northern Thailand where the conditions are perfectly suitable for their cultivation.

It has a slightly floral, fruity aroma and has a subtle peach flavour.

All in all, it is wonderfully refreshing and sweet.

Daokrajai Oolong Tea Dong Ding
A recent discovery has uncovered the fact that replacing oxygen with nitrogen during the fermentation process dramatically increases the level of a naturally occurring amino acid, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).

GABA is thought to have many health benefits, and can be researched further online.

It has an incredibly rich flavour, with an aroma hinting of apples and cloves when brewed.

Undertones of mountain flowers also tickle the senses.

A light Oolong, which lacks the normal Oolong aftertaste.

Delightful flavour similar to Oriental Beauty from Taiwan. Excellent Tea.

Guy Paranavitana
Empire Tea Services LLC

Daokrajai Oolong Tea Gabaron
Ginseng has been known for many years to offer numerous health benefits.

Now you can enjoy Ginseng with our healthy Oolong Tea.

This tea has a floral aroma reminiscent of orchids and has a wonderful Golden Brown colour which draws you to it.

The Oolong tea brings sweetness, while the ginseng imparts a not-unpleasant, slight tartness.

A wonderful combination.

All in all, a rich, crisp taste, with a moderate aftertaste makes drinking it wholly satisfying.

A delicious and refreshing tea, with the health benefits of Ginseng.

Daokrajai Oolong Tea Ginseng
Our Oolong Jasmine has a mild flavour, but is also fragrant and sweet.

It is scented with Jasmine made in a similar fashion to our Green Tea with Jasmine.

When brewed, it has a brownish-yellow hue, with an aroma of tropical flowers.

The tea is smooth with the rich, fresh, fruity taste that is common in oolongs, and which tends to settle the stomach.

A soothing jasmine bouquet accompanying an intricate Oolong tea, you will find this to have one of the most distinctive flavours of any Jasmine tea.

Daokrajai Oolong Tea Jasmine
Jing Shuan, like Chin Shin, is the result of tea research conducted in Taiwan, and is a recent addition to the popular Oolong tea varieties.

It can also be identified as Oolong number 12, or TTS number 12.

It is sometimes known as Milky Oolong.

The leaves are a distinctive emerald green when infused.

The taste is uniquely milky with a slightly creamy texture and a subtle sweetness.

The aroma gives a hint of citrus with floral undertones.

This is a unique and popular tea, and one that many new Oolong drinkers prefer.

Daokrajai Tea Jing Shuan
The Osmanthus, also known as Sweet Olive, is actually a smaller genus of a flowering plant of the Olive family and is native to the warmer areas of Asia, including Thailand.

This golden-yellow flower is renowned for its unforgettable heady fragrance.

When infused with our Oolong it releases the lovely sweet and pleasant aroma of the Osmanthus flower.

Our Tanjai Oolong is 90% Oolong tea with 10% Osmanthus flowers.

The tea is refreshingly light and smooth, has a subtle hint of apricot and peaches.

Very nice tea with a balanced flavour of Osmanthus.

Guy Paranavitana
Empire Tea Services LLC

Daokrajai Oolong Tea Tanjai
Also known as Ti Kuan Yin, Thea Kuan Ying, Ti Kwan Yin, Iron Buddha, or Iron Goddess of Mercy.

This is a speciality Oolong tea, and famous throughout the world.

It requires a very special method of processing, which was for many years kept secret.

It is allowed very little oxidisation, and has a very flowery, delicate aroma, strongly hinting of Orchid. Its sweet taste and lack of astringency suggests other ingredients, but this is pure tea without additives.

This is among the finest, if not the absolute finest, of our Oolong teas.

A taste never to be missed.

Daokrajai Oolong Tea Thea Kuan Imm

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