Green Teas

Daokrajai Thailand Green Teas

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Oolong Teas

Daokrajai Thailand Oolong Teas

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Herbal Teas

Daokrajai Thailand Herbal Teas

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Red Teas

Daokrajai Thailand Red Teas

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Packs of loose leaf tea

Our teas are available in packs.

They all contain 100g of tea except for our Green Tea Oolong which contains 50g.

These loose leaf teas are also available in 4g sachets loose or included in a caddy.

Other products

We offer a selection of caddys that are all handmade by craftsmen in Northern Thailand.

They can be purchased with or without tea included.

We can also source other accessories such as state of the art tea pots and double skinned cups which enable hot tea and cool hands.


One of our latest products is our range of 3 Teas which are a revolutionary new way to purchase tea from vendors which can be re-brewed 3 times. These represent 3 times the value and are aimed at people such as travellers that want a take away cup of tea but with the added value that they can re-brew again for example when they reach their office or home.

Daokrajai Tea Caddys

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